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Campaign for safer crossing

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The current crossing in Stapylton Road The current crossing in Stapylton Road
A petition has been launched to try to persuade Barnet Council to improve road safety between the Spires shopping centre and Chipping Barnet library by upgrading the pedestrian crossing so that it is controlled by traffic lights.

The existing Stapylton Road zebra crossing is heavily used – especially in busy shopping hours and on school days – but it has become increasingly hazardous.

On one side of the crossing is the entrance to the Spires’ car park and on the other the service road for delivery vehicles for Waitrose and the shops.

An added danger has been the creation of a bus terminus opposite the Stapylton Road car park which means there are often as two or three parked buses blocking the line of sight for traffic entering Stapylton Road from St Albans Road.

Eamonn Rafferty, who has organised the petition, is campaigning for the existing zebra crossing to be upgraded to a pelican crossing with traffic lights for oncoming traffic and push buttons for pedestrian use.

A pelican crossing would remove the discretion to stop, which some motorists, regrettably see as an option

He says there has been a problem with this pedestrian crossing since he moved to High Barnet 13 years ago and he has personally lost count of the number of times he was witnessed near misses.

Pedestrians, especially those emerging from the Spires, have been forced to take evasive action to avoid being struck by a vehicle.

“In particular, cars coming from St Albans Road often are driving too fast and have to pass stationary buses on a blind bend. By the time they’ve done all that, they’re right on the crossing.

“Pedestrians are not immune from criticism too, as many just walk on to the crossing when they are supposed to wait for vehicles to stop first.

“That’s why a pelican crossing would remove those dangers at a stroke. Okay, so you would have to wait a bit longer for the lights to change, but that’s no price for better safety.

“A pelican crossing would remove the discretion to stop, which some motorists, regrettably see as an option.”

To sign the ePetition on Barnet Council website go to https://barnet.moderngov.co.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx?Id=83&$LO$=1

or use this link https://barnetsociety.org.uk/petition

The deadline is 13 December.

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